Aquarium Consulting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

My name is Randolph Goodlet, and as head of Aquatic Systems Consultants in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, my team and I provide aquarium consulting for commercial businesses and private residences. As a marine biologist with decades of experience, I understand intuitively the design elements that will and won't work for aquarium installation.  

I also know how to build systems in a way that prevents problems or glitches down the line. My fees are competitive and comparative for the high value of work completed. 


Special, Aquarium Consulting in Pittsburgh, PA

• Maintaining
• Troubleshooting

• Aquarium & Pond Design
• Installation of Aquariums & Ponds
Clientele Includes:
• Resorts
• Restaurants
• Homeowners with Large Aquariums
• Fish Retail Stores
• Science Centers


My Background
I graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1972 and worked with top marine research companies for 10 years. My position involved culturing live marine animals and using research design systems. 

After working for 13 years as the curator of the aqua zoo at the Pittsburgh Zoo, I started my own consulting business in 1995. I was one of the few curators who helped create the system added to the Pittsburgh Zoo in 1983. Previous experience also includes a biologist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and fisheries technician for 2 different labs of National Marine Fisheries Service Laboratories. 

Contact me today to schedule installation of your new aquarium or pond. 

Hours of Operation: Monday–Saturday by Appointment Only
Past President of American Marine Dealers Association (AMDA), During which I Worked Closely with MAC
Serving Pittsburgh, as well as the Counties of Allegheny, Somerset, Beaver, Washington, Fayette, & Butler